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Shawn Sachs Biography

Shawn Sachs speaks of photography as an active process. “There’s a work ethic to it I enjoy. Waking up early, exploring, being present, adjusting angles and shutter speed… It’s a game of seek and find, having no idea where it will happen and knowing it’s often not where you’d expect.”

Whether presenting the obscure or the obvious, Shawn applies a photojournalist’s eye to landscapes and human interactions. Nature’s elements - sunlight, weather, and shadow - give texture and dimension to scenes that evoke serenity.

Photography is a meditative exercise that serves as a counterbalance to Shawn’s varied interests. He is the CEO of a communications firm and an avid traveler with a passion for preservation, service, and storytelling. He was raised on Long Island and resides in New York City with frequent returns to Sag Harbor, where he also has a home.

To date, sales of this work have benefitted the Sierra Club, NRDC, Sag Harbor Whaling Museum and the Committee to Protect Journalists.