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Giuliano Bekor Biography

Giuliano Bekor’s photograph is an image that comes into being consciously and with great purpose, composed of light and color and space and form. Like a painter, he sketches, refining his ideas through pen and pencil well before the shutter clicks, making the camera a fluid means to an end.

For as long as he can remember, Giuliano has been taking pictures.  Wanderlust drew him out of his native Israel to the glamour of Europe while still a teenager. By the age of eighteen, he had landed in New York. But no matter where he found himself, he photographed. From there he never turned back, and has spent the last 30 years traveling the world. His relationship with the camera is his obsession, his passion unconsciously bursting forth from his captured moments.

In the years since, Giuliano has been fine tuning his signature voice, concentrating on the human body in ways that go beyond the physical form.  “If we look closely,” he says, “we can see that the body is as much a window into the soul as the eyes.”  His precision with composition combined with his mastery of light and projection create a sublime and transcendent experience for the beholder, resulting in a transformative play of interpretation. 

“I pick up the camera with the excitement of a child,” he says, “I treat every project like it’s the first and the last shot I will ever take.”

The camera captures the image, but for Giuliano Bekor each exposure is a transformation. A perfectionist and a self-proclaimed “old-schooler”, he is committed to building the shot for the lens rather than relying on post production techniques. This dedication requires the most meticulous attention to light and composition, as well as to the expression of posture and positioning. Often, Giuliano hides or obstructs the faces of his subjects, believing that it is most interesting to express what someone looks like through the story of the photograph, and thereby creating both a universal and individual recognition of identity.

Currently leaving between Los Angeles and New York, Giuliano Bekor is one of the most sought after beauty and portrait photographers in the country, He has worked with many major names and publications throughout his career. His fine art is admired for its bold, unique style and masterful technique.